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Frequently Asked Questions

1. About SMDT
The SMDT System provides capabilities for Cat Dealers, Global Security, and Warranty Administrators to track equipment that is Stolen, Missing, Damaged or a Total Loss.

Global Security and Cat dealers will have the ability to enter Stolen and Missing equipment, whereas Warranty Administrators will have the ability to enter Damaged and Total Loss equipment. Anyone, without any restrictions, can perform an inquiry to find out if an ECM, Service Tool, or Serialized Product is Stolen, Missing, Damaged, or a Total Loss.

For statistical capabilities, records will be retained even after the recovery of equipment
2. Can I delete a record?
Only authorized users can delete a record.
3. Can I update a record after recovery?
The SMDT record cannot be edited after the recovery
4. How do I add a SMDT record?
In order to add a record, one needs to search with either the PIN/Serial No, Service Tool No, or ECM No.

If no record exists for your search, then system will present a pop-up screen for confirmation to add a record.
For Yes the system will present an Add Screen

Important Note: The following information is required for Stolen equipment: Police Report Number, Police Agency, and Police Phone Number
5. How do I edit a SMDT record?
The SMDT Details Screen has an Edit button which will bring up the Update Operation screen.

Updates can be made on all fields except PIN/Serial No Service Tool No, and ECM No.
6. How do I search for a SMDT record?
Enter a serial number, pin number, or VIN number in the Search screen. If you have access to the Advanced Search, you can search on the Sales Model No, Dealer Code, Date of Loss Range, Category, and/or Equipment Type fields.
Contact Information
For immediate issues, please use the following number: (309) 675-1233 or email:

Questions About:

Stolen / Missing records - Heavy Equipment Theft Awareness Program, 309-675-1233

Damaged/Total Loss records - Global Warranty,

Access to SMDT - Please call the Caterpillar Help Desk Phone: 309-494-4357 or 877-737-2242

SMDT Technical Support - Please call 309-494-4357 or 877-737-2242 and request the on-call analyst for 'SRP-Web' Enterprise Call list.